The gospel was brought to Collegeville in 1932 by Bro. Fred Hewins and O. Walker of the Ensley Church of Christ. A tent was placed on the corner of 33rd Avenue and Tennessee Pike (which later became Huntsville Road and is now Shuttlesworth Drive). Bros Hewins and Walker would walk from Ensley in the evening and ride the street car back home at night. People responded to and obeyed the gospel and were baptized in Village Creek.


After the tent was removed, Collegeville’s first meeting house was a store front on the corner of 31st place and 33rd Terrace North.  The Church then moved to another store front on 33rd Avenue and Tennessee Pike, where they worshiped for several years. The next move was to Bro. Sumbry’s place where the Church worshiped in the store front of the Sumbry’s home. The church continued to grow.


During the late 40s, property was bought at 3301 32nd Street where the current building was built.  The sisters played an important part in helping with the inside work by painting the walls and benches.  With the Lord’s help, Collegeville Church of Christ had come a long way. There were 2 elders at the time, Bro. Perry Blackmon and Bro. John Carroll.


Some of the ministers that helped carry the work on here were, Bro. Fred Hewins, Bro. O. Walker , Bro. Tom Campbell, Bro. Jessie James, Bro. Willie Turner, Bro. Simmons, Bro. Griffins, Bro. James Marcey, Bro. James Ashurst, Bro. Dewey Prince, Bro. Samuel Mahan, Bro Jack, Bro. Albert Williams, Bro Donnell Smith, Bro. Binkey, Bro. Sylvester Stokes, Bro. William Hendrix and Bro. Carter Ross Jr.


Submitted by: Sis Mary B. Thompson, a founding member.